Now Shipping: Walker Bros. TQ mount
Now Shipping: Walker Bros. TQ mount
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The WalkerBros TQ Mount

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I have been in the design and custom metal business for several years now.  A couple of years ago I saw a colleague wearing an attachment on their holster which allowed for the attachment of a tourniquet mount.  

Quickly I realized it was a sharp idea but the design was inherently flawed.  The models I had seen (some flimsy versions from ebay) were overly complex yet overlooked one glaring issue.  What about the lefties?

I've worked in the procurement process for government agencies myself and I understand what a nightmare it is to try to acquire equipment for "all sizes".  I recognized that I could improve on this product in a number of different ways.

First, price.  I'm not trying to get rich of this thing but I do have some overhead as a business owner.  When it comes down to it, I want the customer to feel like they got excellent value and if it causes a steak to fall on my grill this weekend, so be it.

Second, universal fit.  Here is the primary difference in my product and the cheap ones on ebay.  Mine fits left and right handed shooters.  If you are an agency with 10 officers or 1,000.  You only need to order one product from me and it will coverr everyone.  

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